delocalized electrons


What’s the difference between the electron and a c-section?

In the late 1980s, when researchers began to see a shift in the way people thought about electrons and the world around them, they wondered what it might mean.What we’re trying to understand, the researchers reasoned, is why the...

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How to build an electro-magnetic detector using sodium ions

An electro-mechanical device can be built using sodium and magnesium ions in a manner that’s free of electronic signature and electronic noise.This is a new form of “electronic fingerprint” that can be used in future quantum computing applications.The new...

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Quantum dots, new superconductors, and new devices

In a big step towards making superconducting electronics more efficient, scientists have made the first-ever quantum dot-like structure that behaves like a liquid crystal, a quantum computing phenomenon in which quantum bits of information can be stored in a...

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