The American conservative, Donald Trump, may be on the verge of losing his mind

Donald Trump’s presidency may be over, but his presidency may not be officially over.

As the New York Times reports, he may soon lose his grip on the reins of power, which he is increasingly using to fuel an increasingly erratic presidency.

“If you look at his foreign policy, and I think he was very smart on this, he’s a pretty good actor, he doesn’t really have any experience in international affairs,” said former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“He has a pretty bad history of dealing with the foreign policy of other presidents.

So I think that he is really going to lose his footing on foreign policy.”

If Trump’s instincts are not well-placed, it will be difficult to hold onto power, particularly as the economy is in free fall.

Trump is now the fourth president in the past century to be impeached and convicted for crimes.

Trump has already faced multiple legal challenges in his second term, including the legal battle that ended in a landmark ruling by a federal appeals court in April.

Trump, who is in the final months of his presidency, has yet to issue a new executive order, though he is expected to sign an executive order in the coming days that would temporarily ban travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran.

The Supreme Court is expected in late November to issue its own ruling on whether Trump has the constitutional authority to use executive powers to ban citizens of those countries.

A decision on the legality of Trump’s travel ban could take years.

Trump could also lose his legitimacy, which has been under threat throughout his presidency.

During his first year in office, he was repeatedly called out for his poor economic performance, which was later proved to be largely a manufactured issue.

But as the New Yorker’s Matt Taibbi reported, Trump’s supporters have been blaming the president for all of the problems, saying they are the ones in need of help.

“We’re the ones who’re being cheated out of our jobs and our incomes,” Trump supporter and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told the New Republic.

“The people that are hurting are the working class, the people that don’t have health insurance and are struggling to get by.”