How to stop yourself from becoming a geek

The ultimate in geek chic, the Wilson Electronics X1 is a stylish, compact and functional home theater.

It’s one of the first home theater products that can be bought online and the latest addition to the ever-growing category of geek chic.

We took the X1 on a tour of the home theater to find out more.

The X1 was built to entertain at home and on the go.

The speakers are designed to deliver a loud sound and are powered by a two-channel amplifier.

It has a 5.25-inch display, which is bigger than a typical home theater setup.

The top of the display is covered in a glossy, matte-finish glossy panel that looks great on any surface.

It can also be mounted on walls or other surfaces.

The Wilson X1 also has a front-panel USB port for connecting a smartphone to the TV.

Wilson says the X-series speakers deliver a powerful, clear sound.

The sound comes from a dual speaker system that uses two separate speaker cables to make the audio more dynamic.

The cable that connects the two speakers is designed to have an extremely low frequency of 5Hz.

The cables are separated by a thin, curved plastic panel that is very thin.

Wilton also claims that the X2 is the world’s thinnest home theater unit.

The box itself is thin and light, weighing just 4.4 ounces (130g).

The X2 has a USB port, which has a full-sized USB port that plugs into a computer.

A USB port on the front panel also allows you to plug in an external hard drive, and an HDMI port connects the TV to a PC.

The two front- and back-panel speakers are equipped with a 5W speakers with two drivers, which are connected to a built-in amplifier.

The amplifier is powered by two 12W speakers.

There is also a microphone and mic input for the sound.

In terms of connectivity, there is an HDMI input, a USB 3.0 port, a mic input and an IR remote control for remote control.

The speaker and amplifier are connected together, which means that you can also connect a pair of headphones, or a pair or two of speakers.

Wilsey says that the audio quality is great, and the X3 is built to last.

Its speaker and amp have been tested to last over 100 hours of use, and it has been tested by Wilson to last between 25 and 30 hours.

This makes it ideal for listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or movies on the couch or in your living room.

The main reason that the Wilsey X3 makes a great home theater is because of the X6 model, which also has the X4 model.

The first model of the WilSON X6 was released in 2012.

It is a slightly smaller version of the original X4 that uses a similar design and features a much larger 7.3-inch screen.

The new X6 comes with a 6-speaker setup, which uses two 12-inch speakers and two 10- and 8-watt amplifiers.

It also features a new remote control that has an IR port.

The front-firing speakers can be connected to the X7 series speakers.

The 6-way remote control can also control the X8 model, a 6.3 speaker home theater with three 8- and 6-watts speakers and an 8-channel subwoofer.

WilSon also introduced the X10, a 7-way controller for connecting the X11 and X12 speakers to the speaker system.

It comes with two 8-channels subwoofers, which can be used for a pair, two 3-channel subs, or two 2-channel models.

The second-generation X1 has a 6 speaker setup, but the X9 and X10 use two 8 speakers instead of the 6 speakers of the previous models.

There are two different types of speakers that can handle the X series: a 1.5- or 2.5 GHz setup.

With the X5, you get a 2-way subwooper, while with the X14 you get an 8.5 speakers setup.

If you want to connect the X speakers to your computer, the X13 can be plugged into a single 5- or 6-channel PC, while the X15 and X17 can be wired for a single 6- or 8-band subwoop.

The price for the X18 is $1,599.99, which nets you two 5- and 12-channel speakers, two 6- and 10-channel woofers and a 10-watter subwoamp.

You can buy the X19 for $1.799, which comes with three 5-channel and two 12.5 surround speakers and four 6-chamber speakers.

What’s great about the XSeries is that it is affordable for the average home theater user.

There’s a good chance that you could

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