Why do electronic cigarettes make people cough?

ELECTRONIC COPIES are a popular form of electronic cigarettes, with users having enjoyed the pleasure of puffing them out of their devices.

However, according to researchers from the University of New South Wales, many of the devices contain harmful chemicals that can cause serious health problems for smokers.

They say this is not a new problem.

“These products contain highly toxic substances, which are known to have adverse health effects in smokers,” said lead researcher Dr Rama Lakshmanan.

“This is one of the most concerning issues with these products.”

“These devices contain highly poisonous chemicals that are known as carcinogens.”

The research was carried out at the School of Medicine and Pharmacology, University of NSW, and involved scientists studying the effects of cigarette smoke on the lungs.

“We were interested in investigating the impact of tobacco smoke exposure on the lung and we were particularly interested in the effect of cigarette nicotine, which is produced in large quantities by the tobacco industry,” Dr Lakshmanam said.

“Our work found that inhaling cigarette smoke for several hours increases the levels of carcinogenic compounds in the lungs of smokers.”

In the paper, the researchers found that tobacco smoke was highly toxic to the lung, but not to the heart.

“A smoker who inhales a small amount of tobacco can cause damage to the respiratory system,” Dr Lakash said.

The study is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

“If the level of nicotine is high, the respiratory function will deteriorate and the lungs may become inflamed.”

Dr Lakshmenan said the research was not an attempt to recommend a particular brand of electronic cigarette.

“The focus was on the risk of inhaling tobacco smoke, rather than any health effect,” she said.

Dr Lakshmans study was funded by the Australian Research Council’s Research Excellence Framework (REF).

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