How the Germans are creating the next era of electronic music

Electronic music pioneer Markus Schulz has created a new breed of electronically-enhanced, electronic music.

He says it’s not his first foray into the world of electronic art.

“The first thing I learned was to be really, really, totally serious about what you’re doing, about your intentions,” he says.

“You want to show people that this is not just an art thing.”

Schulz, a Berlin-based artist, is credited with being one of the first electronic music pioneers.

He has since produced dozens of records, and has also released several singles, including one that he wrote with his wife, Maria.

Schulz first became interested in electronica when he was in high school.

“I remember going to the school disco, and it was really exciting,” he recalls.

“And then I saw this band playing, and they looked like they were in the same age group as me.”

He decided to start a band and began creating his own songs.

“So I started writing songs and then they just got bigger and bigger,” he explains.

The band started playing in clubs around Berlin and eventually began touring in Europe and North America.

They also released two albums, one of which Schulz describes as “the first record I really remember” as a teenager.

The other was called The Wasted Years, which came out in 2006.

The album was a combination of electronic elements with traditional German songs.

Schultz and his band, known as the Gesamtkunstwerk, continued to work on the songs, and in 2009 they released a collection of tracks called Gesamtausgabe (The Wasted Year), a collection that would go on to become a major hit in Germany.

They continued to record and release more songs, until the end of 2016.

“There are some people who will say that’s the end,” Schulz says.

But Schulz believes his songs are still going strong.

“It’s very exciting to me that people are listening to these things again,” he adds.

“What I’ve done for so many years is create a new type of music.

I think the future is very bright.”

Schutz says that he is not concerned about his music’s popularity or his career.

“Electronic music is so important that it’s hard to find an artist who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight,” he writes.

“But for me, it’s the same as any other artist: The only thing that is really important is to listen to the music.”

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“This is the way that you live your life.”

The Berliner Zeitung article Listen now to Markus Schulzes Gesamtm├╝nze (Electronic Music).