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The new lithium-ion batteries used in new smart phones and tablets may have a much higher energy density than previous models.

Electronics specialist Beryllium Valence Electronics (BDV) says its new lithium ion batteries have a density of 5.2 gigajoules per cubic centimetre (gigajoule) compared to the 2.8g/g-1.6g density of the earlier lithium-metal batteries.BDV is the first to introduce a lithium ion battery for use in the new phones.

It says the batteries are much more efficient than the previous generation of lithium-based batteries.

It has used its new batteries in smart phones like the Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.BDv says its batteries have achieved a range of up to 700km on a single charge, compared to a battery used in the previous smartphones.

It said the battery was made using a new, ultra-high temperature cathode material, which has a higher capacity of 50,000mAh compared to 5,000mah.

It’s the first lithium-ionic battery for the iPhone 6 and 6s and is also the first battery to use the BDV lithium ion cathode, which it says has improved energy density by about 50%.

The BDV batteries have been tested in an industrial test environment at a temperature of 595C for about three months.

The company said the technology could be used in vehicles, which could increase battery life.BDZ batteries are used in smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and cars, but are often seen as inefficient, heavy and expensive.

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