How silicon can make us feel better in the morning

What if we could turn sunlight into the kind of bliss that makes us feel like a happy little baby?

That’s the idea behind the new “solar happiness” pill, which is being developed by MIT and the Swiss startup Vial.

Its makers say it could help you feel more rested and energetic on your way to work or school.

The pill’s makers are looking to the sun to create a kind of vitamin B12, which helps to maintain the delicate balance of your body’s chemistry.

“It’s a miracle drug,” says James H. Lipscomb, a professor of chemistry at MIT and a co-founder of Vial, a startup focused on creating affordable biosimilars.

“We’re not trying to create an overnight cure for anything.

It’s a way to really enhance your life and help you get more done.”

Lipscombs new company, Solar Happiness, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding.

Its latest funding round was led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which invests in the startup’s business.

Vial’s cofounder and CEO, Peter Hsieh, says his team has created a system that could theoretically make up to 20 million of the pills, which cost $100 each.

“You could easily manufacture hundreds of millions of them,” he says.

Hsies team has already received more than $5 million from investors including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Google founder Larry Page, and Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.

But Lipsco says it’s focused on making the pill available to a broader population.

The company plans to make a pilot version of the pill in the next few months.

“I’m going to go on vacation with my family in August, and the next day I’m going back to work,” Lipscum says.

“So it’s going to be a long, long vacation, and I want to spend it with my wife, my two kids, and my dog.”

And while the pill might not be a cure for any chronic health problems, it might make it easier to find the time to get back to a routine.

“If I could take this pill every day, I could get up and do it,” Lipps says.

Lipp said the company also is working on ways to make the pill easier to swallow.

“Imagine it as a soft pill,” he said.

“The more you swallow it, the less you feel the pill, so it makes it easier for you to move.”

In fact, the company is working with the FDA to test the pill’s safety in humans.

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