The truth about chlorine gas is complicated

By Rajdeep Sardesai”The truth is complicated.

We have an international agreement, and we are trying to resolve the issue.

The reality is, it is complicated, and it is not easy.

But the United States is in the right position, because we have a position of global leadership and because we can make the most of this,” Trump said in the interview.

“It’s really simple.

You have to get rid of the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and that is one of the big problems that we have.

We can do it, we have to do it.

We will do it.”

Trump was responding to questions about a tweet on Saturday that claimed the world was facing a new chemical threat from chlorine, a potent greenhouse gas.

Trump’s comments on Sunday came a day after he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly.

The U.S. president reiterated that it was not a good idea to rely on “free” or “open source” information when it comes to chemical weapons.

“We have to go to a free and open source of information, and I’m going to tell you what it is, and you’ll understand,” Trump told the assembly.

“I mean, we can’t rely on what we can get from other countries, because you know, they’re free.

We’re not free.

But you know what?

They have access to the information.”

On Sunday, the Trump administration also announced that it would ban exports of chlorine to China, the world’s largest exporter.

The move, which is being led by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, is part of a broader crackdown on China’s use of chemical weapons in the Middle East.

Trump and Tillerson, who has been critical of the Obama administration’s approach to Syria, have also been pressing China to join a U.N. Chemical Weapons Convention.

China has repeatedly rejected the treaty.