How Apple can make its iPad battery life more reliable

A new lithium ion battery is now more reliable than the old one.

According to the latest Consumer Reports report, an Apple iPad 4 battery can last for about two weeks on a single charge.

Electronic cigarette maker blu electronic cigarettes are made from an alloy of nickel, cobalt and aluminum and have a lifetime of up to six months on the battery.

The new battery is manufactured by a company called e-Liquid Technology and is available from the Apple Store for $39.99.

“Blu electronic cigarettes provide a convenient way to get electronic cigarettes without the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes,” said Michael O’Brien, the company’s vice president of global product marketing.

“Blu electronic cigarette batteries are more durable and longer lasting than other battery options, such as cigarette butts or cigarette lighters.”

In the past, the batteries were manufactured in China.

Apple added batteries to the iPad 4 last year, but it hasn’t announced the battery’s new performance.

According to the Consumer Reports test, a standard 3,000mAh battery lasts for about a month and is rated for up to 1,000 cycles.

But Apple’s battery has a lifetime rating of about 2.5 years, and a 4,000-mAh battery is rated at about 6.5 months.

E-Liquid Technologies manufactures batteries for several other brands, including Samsung and LG.

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