The best and worst of Ebay electronics deals

Electronic goods retailer eBay has been hit with a massive cyber attack that reportedly exposed more than 100 million customers to an unprecedented number of malicious cyber attacks.

The data breach occurred on Monday, when the company announced it was investigating whether it had been breached by an individual who had obtained customer credit card data.

The breach was said to have taken place between June 24 and July 11, and was not related to a breach at the financial information provider Equifax.

“It’s unfortunate,” eBay said in a statement.

“We take our customers’ privacy and security extremely seriously, and we are working with law enforcement to investigate the incident.

This is a matter that is being investigated by law enforcement and we will continue to share the latest information with the public.”

The hack also affected other large retailers, including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Sears, according to the company.

The cyber attack affected eBay’s payment processing systems, which were being used to process transactions.

The company says it is taking steps to prevent any future data breaches.

Ebay has also released a statement saying that it has made changes to its security and privacy practices.

“The information you have provided may be used to identify customers who may have been victims of this incident.

This information may be shared with law-enforcement agencies and third parties for investigation purposes,” it said.EBay has previously said it has not had any data breaches at the company in recent years.

In a statement, eBay said it had taken measures to protect the privacy of users by encrypting user credit card information and limiting the use of credit card numbers to only those users who had previously been identified as being involved in a credit-card fraud incident.

“The data you have previously provided may also be used by law-and-order officials and others to identify potential customers who are being targeted for fraud,” the company said.

“Users will not be able to use this information to identify other users who are not suspected of being victims of a credit card fraud incident.”

Ebay also said it would begin a new, more secure payment processing system on Thursday.”EBay’s payment service has been in place since April 10, 2016, and is in compliance with all of our payment processing and security policies,” the statement said.

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