Jay Electronica has a new sound!

The Huffington and Vox have teamed up to celebrate the arrival of Jay Electrons first album, Neon Valence electrons.

In honor of this groundbreaking new release, Vox and The Huffington will be featuring two new interviews with Jay ElectRONICA from the upcoming album, which debuts June 11 via Merge Records.

Jay Electrones new album Neon Valentia electrons will be available via Merge and iTunes beginning June 11, and can be pre-ordered through Jay Electronics Bandcamp.

Jay Electronics music, from the album Neon VALENTIA ENSEMBLE, was written by Jay Electronic and produced by J.D. Jansen, who also worked on the album, The Blacker the Berry.

The band, consisting of Jay, J.B. King, Chris K. and Mikey, released their first album in 2014, titled The Blackest The Berry.

The album was a surprise hit for the band, and Jay Electronectics album Neon Vence electrons was released the following year.