‘My eyes are wide open’: Smoke shop owner ‘screamed and ran’ in horror as his store burned to the ground

Posted September 01, 2018 14:30:17 An electronic cigarette user has described his life being turned upside down after he was caught on camera running from police in Adelaide’s CBD.

Key points:A man has been charged with assault and criminal damage after police say he attacked an officer at a shop near a major intersectionPolice say they are investigating whether the attack was an act of terrorThe man has not yet been formally chargedPolice are investigating after the incident involving the man who was filmed attacking an officerThe man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has not been formally arrested, but has been arrested in relation to an assault in August.

He was filmed running from officers on August 16 near the intersection of Macquarie Street and The Parade.

The footage shows the man walking past a woman who was waiting for her children.

He then runs into the intersection, where he starts attacking the officer who was standing nearby.

“I just ran from the officer.

I just started yelling at him and then just started running,” the man said.”

He was shouting at me.

He was just screaming at me to come back.

And then he was just shouting at everybody.

And I was just yelling at everybody, ‘Get back, you son of a bitch’.”

He just ran, and then he just started screaming and screaming.

“The officer chased the man for a few metres, and when he lost sight of him, he tried to catch up to him.

The man then began attacking him again.”

They just ran right through me, he just jumped on top of me and punched me in the face, just hit me in my face,” he said.

A witness said the officer had to put his hands up to protect himself.

The incident occurred at about 2:00pm.”

We were just standing in the corner when this guy was just running around and smashing stuff and smashing things and throwing stuff and he just just attacked him,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.”

It just started getting out of hand.

“The man told the ABC he was afraid he might be charged with an assault.”

My eyes were wide open, I couldn’t breathe, I just screamed and ran,” he added.”

You know, I didn’t even know it was going to happen.

I was scared.

“The video was filmed by a woman with her husband.”

When we got back to the shop, my husband was screaming at him because he was running around smashing stuff,” she said.

The police said they were investigating whether an act was of terror, but the man has yet to be formally charged.

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