Gold electronic drums from Australia: a look at the evolution

Posted March 30, 2020 14:27:17This is a photo album of some of the gold electronic drums manufactured by Roland Electronic since 2014.

The drums, manufactured by electronic drum maker Roland Electronics, were originally developed in a laboratory at Gold Coast University.

They were initially marketed as electronic drums but later were sold in shops and online for a lower price.

Roland Electronics’ first production gold electronic drum, the Gold E-100, is shown here in the video above.

This Gold E100 Drum features a high-performance dual-core processor and is equipped with a dual-mode dual-gate audio interface, a gold-anodised aluminium body, gold-plated pads, and a gold finish.

The drum has been tested to produce high levels of pressure, low distortion and good sustain.

Roland has also designed an analogue-style electronic drum with a digital-like interface, with a single gold-fibre enclosure.

As well as producing electronic drums the company also sells gold drums, a specialised type of aluminium that is typically used to make electronics such as keyboards and drums.

Gold electronic drums are typically used in the production of digital music, but there are also other uses.

A Roland product that is a gold drum is pictured here.

If you are keen to buy one of these gold electronic musical drums then Roland has a limited supply available, so be sure to get in touch.

The Gold Electronic Drum is available in two different styles: the E-200 and E-300.

The E-600 is a more expensive drum with gold finish and comes with a gold shell and a built-in amplifier.

The Drummer is a Gold Electronic drummer.

You can purchase the Drummer from RolandElectronics for $29.99.

The drum can also be upgraded to a Gold E200 drum if you have an existing Gold E300 drum.

The price tag of the Gold Electronic drums has not been disclosed but they are likely to be less expensive than the original models.

There are currently a few more gold electronic digital drums in Australia, including a gold analogue bass drum made by Drummer Drum, and the Gold electronic drum from Australian Drummers, which was launched last year.

Rolands electronic drums also make some of Australia’s finest analogue-styled electric drums, such as the Gold Drum Drum and Gold Electronic Bass Drum.

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