When ‘The Voice’ is coming back to UK radio… but it’ll probably not be as good as it was

By Mark Brown, Business Insider UK radio is going to be back to basics.

“The Voice” has been cancelled, and is now on the backburner.

The last episode aired on December 15, but the channel said it was too busy to continue.

“In the event that the show is cancelled, the show will not air in its entirety in its original format on The Voice UK, which is expected to air at some point in the next few months,” the channel wrote in a statement.

“We would like to thank our fans for their continued support and wish them the best.”

“The voice” was one of the most popular shows on the channel, but it also had a long and complicated history, with several other stations, including the UK’s flagship, Radio 1, also losing their listings after the show was cancelled.

The Voice has also been called a “bust” by fans, but some have claimed it was the reason it went out of business.

The channel said “The VOX” would not be returned.

“While we are proud to continue to produce our music and talk show, we are committed to making the best music show in the world.

We know the UK market is hungry for quality and will always make the best show possible,” the station said in a tweet.

But the channel is also set to be rebranded, and its website will be updated to reflect that.

The UK’s biggest music station, Radio 4, has also announced it will be canceling the show, as has BBC Radio 5 Live, which will be going back to a radio format.

“As a broadcaster of radio, the BBC has decided to put on a series of programmes that it believes will not be suitable for its listeners.

The programme will not continue on the BBC Radio 4 website as of the date of this announcement,” the broadcaster said in an emailed statement.

It will also be replaced by a new show, “The Talk”, on BBC Radio 1.

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