Why does your iPhone get so hot?

I have my iPhone.

It’s a big ol’ phone.

It has a big, big screen.

It runs iOS 9.

The only reason it’s not in my pocket right now is because I’m using it to run a bunch of apps.

iOS 9 is a massive overhaul, and many developers have made massive changes to the way iOS works, which means some of the apps and widgets on the iPhone have gone from their old, boring, ugly state to something completely new.

And, as Apple has gotten older, iOS apps have become more complicated, which has meant more users switching from their older devices to new ones.

But that old, dumb iPhone is still going strong, and there’s no turning back.

As a result, some of you may have noticed that some of your old-school iPhone apps and services are going dark.

They’re gone.

You’ll have to install an alternative.

But for now, here’s how you can restore some of these apps, or at least the ones you know will work on your new iPhone: