How do you use an iPhone 8 or iPhone X to send text?

You might have heard about the new Apple Watch Series 3 and now you can make it work like an iPhone.

The new Apple X watch is just one of the many products that Apple is working on to make its products more accessible and convenient.

And if you’re a fan of Apple’s design, you can already make the Apple Watch look like your iPhone.

Here’s how to use an Apple Watch for sending and receiving texts.1.

Set up the new iPhone X for your phone’s new features2.

Download the iPhone X app3.

Open the iPhoneX app and set the display to a landscape orientation4.

Click on the settings icon5.

Scroll down to the “iPhone X” section and select “Settings”6.

Set the new display to portrait mode7.

Click the settings button8.

Under “Display” you can enable “Show text at bottom of screen” and enable “Add text to background”9.

Select the text you want to send and select Send10.

Now you can send the text from the iPhone to the Apple X. The Apple Watch will automatically take over for you as you send it.

If you don’t want it to take over, simply go to Settings and turn off the iPhone’s display.