How to make the best fried chicken in America

Diners can now find fried chicken at the fryer of their choice in the new fried chicken chain, Fried Chicken. 

The fried chicken franchise is one of the few in the country that serves up all-beef and all-grain options. 

Famed fried chicken owner Steve Steglich said the franchise will expand into new areas in the coming months. 

“We’re really excited to be a part of the community and a part with all the people in this community,” he said. 

“We just have to take it from here, we’re going to do it the right way, and I think the right people are going to follow the right steps to make sure we’re doing things right.”

The new fried poultry franchise will also serve fresh chicken and other items.

In addition to the new locations, Fried Chickens is also expanding the number of restaurants in its existing restaurants, including new locations in Orlando, Orlando, and West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The new restaurants include:Fried Chicken Beverage and Wine 541 W. State St., Orlando, FL 32814(407) 967-8226(407-829-2830)Fried Chickens Bev’s 1228 S. College Ave., Orlando FL 32816(407)-757-8939(407.824.3789)Fridays 11am-9pm  931 S. University Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32204(305) 684-9282Friday 10am-7pm 1201 S. Eastlake Ave., Miami, FL 33131(305-734-3500)Freeside 2035 S. S. 2nd Ave., Gainesville, FL 32901(561) 466-8222Freesides 2400 S. North St., Tampa, FL 33620(904) 762-3310Freesiding 10a-8p.m. 1101 E. 7th Ave., Tampa FL 33610(934) 847-0999Freesiders 2130 S. 8th Ave.

Suite B, Lakeland, FL 33025(850) 528-4595Freesider 10 a.m.-9 p.m.(931) 851-2791 (931-732-7275)Frisco 1130 N. Main St., Lakeland FL 33022(813) 782-4155Friscos 1570 E. Main, Lakewood, FL 32794(847) 563-4543FrisCo 2026 E. Florida St., Jacksonville FL 32205(919) 934-8877Frisca 1560 N. High St., Pensacola, FL 33422(941) 561-8669Frisces 1301 E Main St, Jacksonville FL 32801(906) 562-3858 (407).223-2870Frisce 2170 E. High Ave., Lakewood FL 32795(817) 626-8787Friscoe 1050 S. Main Street, Lakeville FL 32793(865) 868-2311Friscios 2426 E Main Street Suite B/A Suite B , Lakeland Fl 32908(727) 765-5999Frisiros 2030 E. Central Ave., Sarasota, FL 33301(386) 693-9673Frisiolos 1215 S. E. State Dr., Lake Forest, FL 32680(850-821-2460)Friasco 2401 E Central Ave, Sarasota FL 33399(386-622-8990)Fry 1140 S. State, Jacksonville, Florida 32205 (812) 731-0669Fryer 2175 S. Central Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33101(727-845-7000)Frogs 1815 S St. Paul St., Daytona Beach, FL 33549(786) 739-7233Garden 1820 S. West, Lake Okeechobee, FL 34506(850)-965-0088Garden Foods 2300 E. 3rd Ave., West Palm Park, FL 32344(727)-739-0474Garden City 1240 S E, Jacksonville , Florida 32306(811) 621-4200Garden Hill 1800 E 3rd St., Garden Hill, FL 33822(407 928-5222)Garden Town 2540 N. State Rd. 11, Lake Bluff, FL 34801(786 934)5239GardenTown 1940 E. 5th St., West Hillsborough, FL 33741(

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