Xiaomi: $6,000 smartphone that’s “all the same” but can be personalized to your taste

Xiaomi is trying to create a smartphone that can be customized to your tastes.

And it’s aiming for a much higher price tag.

The Chinese company says it will begin offering a $6.99 smartphone starting in late November.

That would mark a significant jump from its $499 price point and is about $100 more than Apple’s new iPhone X. Xiaomi also wants to offer a smartphone with more screen real estate, better cameras, and more features, including a dual camera system, 3D audio, and dual front-facing speakers.

The company’s phones start at $699 and are available in three colors: silver, white, and gold.

Xiaomi says it plans to ship its phones worldwide.

Read more The company is hoping to attract more smartphone buyers with its low price tag and low price point.

The first Xiaomi phones are expected to launch this month.

But it’s still unclear whether the company will be able to deliver on the promise of a smartphone priced at $100.

Xiaomi said it would release a smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2019, but it hasn’t specified when.

Xiaomi did not respond to questions about the price of the smartphone.

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