Which are phosphorus and calcium?

The phosphorus and the calcium are used in various forms in many different materials and have a number of different properties.

In a new study, scientists have found that the electrons that make up these two elements can be used to make different shapes and colors in certain types of materials.

The new research is based on a collaboration between the University of Exeter and the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University, and is published in the journal Nature Communications.

The team looked at different types of organic materials in order to figure out what the two metals make when they interact with other atoms and molecules.

One of the main questions the researchers were trying to answer was: “What are the physical and chemical properties of these two metals?”

It turns out that both metals can form different shapes.

The researchers have found two different shapes for these metals, with different properties depending on the chemistry of the materials they are in.

They have also found that, depending on how they are treated, the two elements change the properties of their electrons in the presence of different chemicals.

They say that this gives them insight into how the metal’s physical and biochemical properties might change under different conditions.

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