Samsung Electronics to launch 1st microelectronics power supply on 28 March 2017

By Lee Kwang-ho(AFP) – South Korea’s Samsung Electronics on Wednesday launched its first microelectronic power supply, the first of its kind to be powered by electricity from a nuclear reactor.

The Power Supply Module (PSM) for the Samsung Electronics 7nm mobile phone has been designed to generate energy for mobile phones that use the technology called “nanoflow” technology.

It uses the same technology as the lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones and is expected to be commercially available in the first half of 2020.

The PSM uses an integrated solar array with a lithium ion battery to provide power for the phone, a process called “power capture” that is faster and cheaper than traditional batteries.

The technology is based on the “nanosecond” (nanosec) technology that is already used in the batteries industry for mobile devices.

“Nanoflow is a breakthrough technology that can produce energy in a fraction of a second, enabling mobile devices to go beyond the limitations of conventional batteries,” said Kim Jae-kyun, director of the Samsung Research Institute for Power Technology.

“The PSMs power-capture technology has been used for powering high-performance solar arrays and microprocessors for a long time, but it is now possible to build a power supply that can provide power at a fraction the cost of current generation technology.”

Samsung said the PSM will power about 50 mobile phones.

“We want to help people with energy independence and energy security by making the world’s first solar powered mobile phone,” said Choi Kwang Hee, head of Samsung’s Power Electronics division.

“This technology is a new and revolutionary step in the power technology revolution.”

In October last year, Samsung introduced its first solar-powered mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It was powered by the same solar panels Samsung uses to produce its batteries.

Power capture technology has attracted considerable attention and innovation in recent years, including from companies such as Apple and Samsung.

But there is a lack of commercially available power sources that can capture and store the energy produced by solar panels.

According to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), about three-quarters of the world is in need of a new source of renewable energy.

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