How to use your iPhone to watch your favourite shows at home

The iPhone is now the most popular device in Canada, with more than 50 million users accessing the platform.

In the last few months, however, Apple has been busy with other projects, including a new version of its popular Maps app and the launch of an Apple TV streaming device called the Apple TV.

Here are some of the most important new features in the latest update.1.

Search Now users can now use search to find popular shows in their area.

Users can search for shows in any of the major U.S. markets by using the keyword “TV” or “TV Show.”2.

You can now browse to TV listings for the same show on Apple TV, with new TV listings being added every day.3.

You no longer need to download and install apps to watch content from Apple TV and its Apple TV app.

Users will be able to search for and download apps for free from the Apple Store.4.

Apple TV is now a much better choice for watching content from your Mac, as the company has revamped its Mac app to support Apple TV’s new streaming capability.5.

Apple has redesigned its Apple Music app, making it easier to discover and play music with the ability to shuffle and skip tracks.6.

Users now have the ability set their preferred channel, search for movies and TV shows, and add a photo album to their library.7.

The Apple TV now supports streaming to devices that support Bluetooth audio, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku 3.8.

Users of the Apple Watch can now add Siri to their Apple TV sets.9.

Apple Watch owners can now control Siri using voice commands with the Apple Voice Remote app, and users can use the Apple Pay app to buy and sell products using Siri.10.

The Siri Remote can now be controlled via a remote control on a Mac or iOS device.11.

Apple’s Siri remote can now search for a show from your iTunes library.12.

Apple is rolling out a new app that lets you find your favourite TV shows by tapping on the TV’s title bar.